We call on the TRAI to protect user privacy in the Indian telecom sector!

Fresh off the historic nine judge decision of the Supreme Court holding privacy as a fundamental right, IFF has called on the TRAI to protect user privacy and data protection in its ongoing public consultation “Privacy, Security and Ownership of the Data in the Telecom Sector”. We previously posted a

Urgent Release: Government Committee wants to bring back Section 66A

Press reports over the past few days have indicated various government proposals, notably the for the introduction of a fresh Section 66A. The Internet Freedom Foundation is releasing a copy of these recommendations to public and calling for a consultation. Struck down by the Supreme Court in 2015, Section 66A

Summary of the Consultation Paper on Privacy, Security and Ownership of the Data in the Telecom Sector

Chapter I – Introduction and Background The evolution of telecommunications services in the recent times has been of great advantage by aiding the overall economic and social development of the country, enabling better connectivity among users and emergence of a variety of new business models and increasing the use of information

Blocking orders to Twitter illustrate a worrying process #GOIBlocks

This week, media reports have indicated that the Government of India on August 16, 2017, and August 24, 2017 issued a terse letter directing the blocking of twitter handles, hashtags, and individual tweets. This includes a tweet from the news wire service ANI and parody/gossip handles such as @LutyensMasala

IFF presses for interim reliefs in the WhatsApp Privacy Case

We had earlier updated that IFF has intervened in a case involving issues of online privacy and licensing of online platforms before the Supreme Court of India. This case arises from a challenge to the change in WhatsApp’s privacy policy, after which it began sharing data with Facebook. Through